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  • Johan (Truthsayer)

    Korean/asian mythology.... dragons are creatures of water... blue oil gives wood attribute......................

  • Nedyaj

    I think Yu's tattoo will slowly change shape over time

  • Johan (Truthsayer)

    The artist/TL don't know the difference between wasps and bees ???

  • Nedyaj

    The sister can go fuck off and when MC can actually take her on in a physical matter, THEN come back

  • Hisu

    It has already been 2 years but if some new readers start thinking about this comment that how the fuck Wyze work. It was said u need Stage 2 to be a Wyze user. It is possible that ppl with Talent already in Stage 1 they just dont know, thats how some ppl get Wyze after 25+. Bcs they already had stage 1. But Stage 2 considered being a Wyze user.